Italian craftmanship applied to modern construction.


Alba Bathrooms – Was founded by Lino Cezza, an Italian craftsman. We count, since since 1978, with a vast experience in manufacturing high quality factory-built bathrooms and kitchens for hospitality, residential, commercial, cruise lines, hospitals, etc., he has built his world-famous reputation on most continents of the world. Alba currently has manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the Middle East.

Built under very strict quality control standards, Alba uses the latest technologies to ensure that every unit has a consistent high quality fit & finish. The use of precision manufacturing allows the developers of construction projects to save significant time in installation, punch list items, and overall costs. They have recently completed projects for some of the largest hotel chains such as Starwood, Hilton and Accor

We have an international team, which can be moved anywhere in the world to develop a project.

We go where you have your project.


  • 25% in overall project time.
  • Financing cost & increase revenue by opening months earlier.
  • Cost & time of punch list items.
  • Unexpected costs due to weather delays.
  • Wages for skilled labor, supervisors & management.
  • In admin cost with a single point of contact.
  • Cost & time to dispose of onsite excess materials.
  • Cost of onsite theft and accidents.


  • Under very strict quality control standards at indoor factory.
  • Less trades on site, reducing errors and accidents with production offsite.
  • Precision manufacturing allows consistent high quality fit & finish.
  • High quality Italian craftsmanship reduces future maintenance, repairs and lost revenue.


  • Adapt to all cultural situations due to our global experience, since 1978.
  • Adhere to even the most demanding construction schedules.
  • Constantly develop new solutions to challenging situations.
  • Can provide full 8ft ceilings, by moving all drainage to walls.
  • Adhere to design and budget intent by proposing innovative solutions.
  • Comply with any ADA, electrical, plumbing and building requirements.
We have not only exported our high
quality products; but our italian
craftsmanship, professionalism
and experience


With a vast experience since 1978, we have perfected our standards to offer a complete service. Which provides you support for your project from the project draft (Pre-production), the production thereof and after-sales, accompanying and providing support for all your decision-making.

Project Draft

With several projects in our portfolio and a broad view of the current scenario we can perform a study tailored to your project in which the feasibility and viability of the project is analyzed in order so we can meet the specifications required.

This study will allow us to harmonize and plan the entire project. Search the materials, processes and specialists for each section or part of the program, always looking for the best quality but still saving. (trying to reduce investment).


We can set up a plant anywhere in the world to attend your project in which we will take special interest in the supervision and control of every detail to meet in a timely manner, with maximum results and the best quality.

We start with the production of a prototype and all the necessary tests to evaluate and measure each requirement.

We plan batch production for partial deliveries according to the work advance. Once each group is ready, we handle transporting and installing on site.


We support the customer throughout the useful life of the product, supporting with technical advice to its maintenance and care in the event that any part or system fails.

We are always mindful of future customer needs, whether remodeling or expansion projects.

We sell happiness!


Prefabricated bathrooms, kitchens and bungalows (interior, exterior & special projects) are more than a product; they also represent a higher level of service. Each Project is approached philosophically, so that each proposal provides the exact technical- economic solutions required by the client.

There is a wide range of possibilities of distribution, dimensions, facilities, furnishings, materials and finishes, lighting, hydraulic and sanitation systems, among others. Producing from efficient bathrooms in small spaces to spacious and luxurious bathrooms; for hotel industry, corporations, hospitals, housing complexes.
We have the technology to produce and install bathrooms almost anywhere, resolving issues of energy and health.
Being able to produce bathrooms for golf courses, recreational areas (theme parks, sports clubs, cultural pavilions, archaeological sites), public areas, beaches, among others.
Special Projects
We can employ the same technology to produce special projects such as kitchens, kitchenettes, service walls, marine pods, bungalows and cottages. Adapting to the resources provided.
We have many advantages for the
investor, the projects leaders and
for the constructor.

Production & Installation

The production of the bathrooms and kitchens comes from the project, a fundamental moment in which we embrace as ours the client's indications, optimize the dimensions and materials, and create a harmonic “whole” according to the construction necessities. From the final project we define the list of all materials. Normally around 500 components will have to be acquired and administrated for the construction of each bathroom.
When the merchandise arrives the "Quality Control" starts. Each provider has a specific index of reliability that defines the percentage of the products to be controlled.
Once the materials are controlled and received from storage, they go to the production. Here we give life to everything our client had imagined, and we transform their desires into reality.
The structure of the floor, the walls and roof it’s made by joining the special galvanized steel section of the skeleton of the cell.
The walls are made with waterproof gypsum board. We can also make fire-resistant walls using a fireproof gypsum board.
All walls are assembled and welded together, so we create a strong structure that will increase, in the following phase, for the creation of the finished product.
We used waterproof materials to provide durability and longevity in the bathrooms.
The tiles are made by using the molds which guarantee the dimensional stability and the constant quality.
The hydraulic and drainage. For these installations ALBA uses only materials that guarantee high quality and long duration. The WIRSBO polyethylene pipes for hot and cold water, the Geberit® high density polyethylene for the drainage, represent the best solution for this purpose.
Naturally, the bathroom is not just covered with marble or tiles, but also with painting or plaster, wallpaper or mosaic, plastic material or wood; all kinds of finishes.
With the furniture and the accessories installation, the production cycle reaches its most important phase, the final quality control. For this operation our quality supervisors put themselves in the client’s place and check that everything is done before the product is delivered.
Finally comes the moment of the shipping and transportation of the finished products to the construction site.
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This is our installation process.

World Wide Pod

A long and great experience, with almost 40 years of success all over the world.

Albabath, directly or with local partnership agreements, is present, with its own technology and staff, in different Nations.

This allows us to customizing the finished product to the distinct necessities of the customer, reducing the indirect costs and optimizing the production. Always keeping our high-level quality.

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